Joha Play Feb 18th,2017

Our play is about Joha, a famous character in Arabic literature who is known for being funny and sometimes behaves in very strange, hilarious, or even ridiculous ways! 

The play will be in Arabic (specifically tailored to the needs of students learning Arabic) with English handouts.

You should come if:

1-You want to expand your knowledge about the famous Joha!

2-You want to practice your Arabic listening skills.

3-You want to learn more about the Arabic culture and literature.

4-You want to experience the theatre life here in Jeddah! 

5-Or you just want to have fun with your friends!


Students from Alhamra school will be performing.


Tickets are 20 Riyals and sold at the entrance.


The event will be from 10:30am - 12pm with refreshments at the end of the play.

To attend the play , please register below

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