Ramadan 2016 Intensive Course:

We will be offering an intensive course this Ramadan so you can make the necessary arrangements early on. At last a course that will enrich your fluency in speaking this beautiful language!


  • The objective of the course: Speaking Arabic fluently.

  • We will be concentrating on our speaking and listening skills only.

  • We will start from the basics just to make sure we have covered everything and then proceed. 

  • We will be using different text books, worksheets, and videos. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in real life situations through making phone calls, going to trips, giving directions, and more!

  • A certificate will be given to you with 45 hours of Arabic. 


Dates: Sunday June 5th to Thursday June 23rd.  5 days a week for three weeks.

Timing: 11am-2pm (3 hours a day with a 20min break).

Fees1000 riyals+book fees (To be payed please before May 25th).

Duration: 3 weeks


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